IDIVAL maintains an intense training activity in line with the European HRS4R human resources strategy that includes training and talent acquisition programs (Post-residency, management training contracts, predoctoral contracts) and several programs aimed at training in science, methodology and statistics , innovation, technological services, research management, and human resources, most of them their own and others in collaboration with other institutions.

Training portal

Scientific training

  • Santander biomedical lectures: program of monthly sessions developed at the Marqués de Valdecilla University Hospital with expert speakers of international renown, invited by researchers who are part of a day of scientific work.
  • Progress reports: program of biweekly public sessions developed at the Marqués de Valdecilla University Hospital, in which clinical and junior basic researchers from the institute supervised by their managers announce the progress of their projects.

Methodology training

  • Course of good clinical practices: focused course of the International Guide of Good Clinical Practice of the ICH (ICH-E6-GCP) and that reviews the aspects of safety in the trial, informed consent, and documentation of the trial.
  • Course of basic methodology of the investigation: course of approximation to the tools of statistics and knowledge to the resources of investigation available in the environment Valdecilla.

Training in innovation

  • Days in industrial protection.
  • Courses in Human Factor and ergonomics.
  • Innovation and creativity.

Training in technological services

  • Courses in flow cytometry.
  • Courses in microscopy.
  • Management training

Training in technological services

  • European calls.
  • Participation in the Master of Health Management UC.
  • Meeting UIMP-ISCIII.

Job training

  • Courses in prevention of occupational risks.


  • English courses.

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