7 - dic. - 2016
IDIVAL participated in workshops ¡Vive la ciencia! about the initiation in biomedical research

The third edition of the workshops “¡VIVE LA CIENCIA!" took place during the month of November. These workshops were about the initiation in biomedical research in which researchers of IDIVAL have participated. 

The workshops were designed to promote the scientific vocations of local students in the biosanitary field. These workshops consisted of theorical-practice classes where IDIVAL’s researchers showed the scientific and research activities for the treatment and recovery of diseases. In this way, IDIVAL continues promoting students' interest in science through the direct contact with the research practice and to transmit on a practical way the abilities asociated to the scientific work. 

There were 7 workshops for students from the science field from high school. The Consejería de Educación, Cultura y Deporte of Cantabria Goverment collaborated on the Project and it was responsible for the paperwork with schools and with the selection of the students with the best academic results in science in Cantabria. 

IDIVAL organized 4 different workshops about DNA, bacteria, oncogenesis and neuroimage.   

-DNA Workshop. The aim was to show to the students the importance of the analysis of DNA in hospitals as a fundamental element to the diagnosis of diseases of genetic origin and in the biomedical research to understand the different pathologies and their treatments (personalized medicine). 


- Bacteria Workshop. The aim is to make publish the presence of specific microorganism that are part of the usual microbiome of the humans and become familiar with the different morphologies of the bacteria growth in vitro after the culture of biologic samples. 




- Oncogenesis Workshop. The aim was the awareness of the importance and world repercussion of the effort to fight cancer; application of the biological knowledge to develop experimental new ways to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer; to understand the scientific origin to study the cancer and to visualize how these advances can be put in practice in real life to develop new medicines to use in clinical practice. 

- Neuroimage Workshop. The aim was to publish the neuroimage techniques and their importance and to show other professions related to biomedical research as physical, engineers, pshicologist, etc

The workshops were a success with great participation and interest. The students had the possibility to use the different analytic tools which are used on the laboratory daily. Furthermore, students had the opportunity to ask doubts about university careers and their future as scientifics.

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