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1 - ago. - 2018
Next call R + D + i Projects "Research Challenges" 2018

From the Universities, Research, Development and Innovation Ministry and the State Agency for Research have announced that they are carrying out, as quickly as possible, the mandatory procedures leading to the publication of the R & D project resolutions of Knowledge Generation (formerly known as "Excellence" R & D Projects) and of the R & D & I Projects "Research Challenges" corresponding to the year 2018.

In September 2018 it is expected to open deadlines for the submission of applications for the R & D Projects of Knowledge Generation (formerly known as "Excellence" R & D Projects) and the R & D Projects. D + i "Research Challenges".

Among the novelties of the call are the mandatory presentation of the technical report of the project in English when the budget of the project, in direct costs, exceeds the amount of € 100,000. The Curriculum Vitae Abbreviated, CVA, may be presented in Spanish or English, although its presentation in English is recommended.

The Call for Research and Development Projects "Research Challenges" will include, along with the R & D & I projects analogous to those of previous calls, the modalities of "Projects for young researchers without links or with links less than 1 year . JIN projects "and the RTA projects of the CCAA-INIA system.

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