13 - mar. - 2019
IDIVAL organizes V edition workshops ¡Viva la Ciencia!

During the month of March IDIVAL organizes the fifth edition of the workshops "¡Vive la Ciencia! Initiation to biomedical research "in which researchers from the IDIVAL institute have participated.

These workshops have been designed with the primary objective of promoting scientific vocations in the biosanitary field of students of the region. They are organized in theoretical-practical classes where the scientific and research activities carried out in IDIVAL will be shown, for the treatment and cure of diseases. In this way, IDIVAL continues with the initiative to promote student interest in science, through direct contact with the research method and practice and, thus, transmit in a practical way the skills associated with scientific work.

There will be a total of 5 face-to-face workshops for students in the 2nd year of the high school in the science / technology branch. The project has the collaboration of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of the Government of Cantabria, who has been responsible for the management of schools and the selection of students with the best academic records in science of Cantabria.

4 types of workshops will be offered:

- FLOW CYTOMETRY WORKSHOP. Flow cytometry is a technology that allows the exhaustive analysis and separation of individual cells at very high speed. The workshop will consist in knowing what is the function of the cells of the immune system defining the important subpopulations. An example of flow cytometry and cell separation will be done. Finally, its importance in the immuno-haematological and oncological clinic will be explained.

- BACTERIA WORKSHOP. The workshop will basically consist in carrying out 2 analyzes of biological samples of the students. For the first analysis, students will be sampled with sterile swabs and planted in microbiological culture plates to study part of the existing flora in various parts of the human body. In the second analysis, samples will be taken from the hands of the students before and after washing them with soap, to show the amount of bacteria that can be eliminated with simple hygiene habits. The samples of both experiments will be analyzed through the microscope to examine the different bacterial morphologies and their movement. The educational objectives of this workshop would be: to know the presence of specific microorganisms that are part of the habitual flora of man and to become familiar with the different morphologies that bacterial growth presents in vitro, after the cultivation of biological samples; specifically demonstrate the benefits of basic hygiene habits, in terms of reducing the bacterial flora present in the hands.

- NEUROIMAGEN WORKSHOP. The workshop will consist of a talk in which different medical imaging techniques will be introduced from the physical point of view. Next, a computerized axial tomography (CT) team will be visited, where an anthropomorphic mannequin will be scanned and the images acquired will be processed. The educational objectives of this workshop would be: to know the neuroimaging techniques and their investigative importance. Introduce other professions within biomedical research (physicists, computer scientists, engineers, psychologists ...).

- WORKSHOP OF THE LIGHT AND ITS TECHNOLOGIES HELPING BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING. This workshop will show the opportunities offered by light and photonic technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Based on a brief talk that helps to introduce some concepts, experiments related to optical radiation parameters (spectrum, energy, interference, etc.) will be carried out, and experiments related to optical radiation parameters will be designed (absorption, diffraction, refraction, polarization, etc) and experimental demonstrations of equipment that are currently being used in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases in the hospital environment will be seen.

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