Health economics and health services management

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1. Socioeconomic determinants of health and use of health resources. Demand and immigration. Health expenditure and health and socio-health financing: projects, articles and presentations to national and international congresses. Economic analysis of health decisions and their spending as well as implications in, among other fields, public health. Some aspects are carried out in collaboration (articles and papers to national and international congresses) since 2014 with the IDIVAL group of epidemiology and public health whose head is Dr. Javier Llorca.

2. Economy of the drug (analysis of the pharmaceutical sector). Economic evaluation of programs and technologies. Health information systems: projects, articles and papers at national and international conferences: research in economics and medicine management, efficiency-equity of health and pharmaceutical services (as well as technologies) of administrations and health organizations.

3. Economy of mental health: given the greater need to approximate within the category of mental disorders the cost per patient and in particular, the cost of psychotic disorders in this line of R & D analyzes the cost generated by patients who debutan with an episode of psychosis, so that if they are treated within a specific assistance protocol, which includes hospitalization and consultations, it can be based on the socioeconomic determinants of these patients to show that part of the expense is associated with direct costs in health services, non-health costs (informal care) and indirect costs (loss of work productivity, chronic disability, etc.). This line is in collaboration (projects, articles and presentations to national and international conferences in progress) since 2016 with the IDIVAL group of psychiatry whose responsible is Dr. Benedicto Crespo).

4. Econometrics of health and habits and quality of life. Theoretical and applied models of decision making in health and social services. Economics of disability, dementia and dependence in one of these lines of R & D determine the resources used and the costs associated with the management of multiple sclerosis (MS) depending on its severity based on clinical practice. The clinical and sociodemographic characteristics of patients with MS, the morbidity of patients in the observation period and the treatment administered, as well as approximate the indirect costs associated with the loss of productivity of these patients are also described. This line is in collaboration (projects, articles and papers to national and international conferences in progress) since 2016 with the group IDIVAL clinic and genetics of headaches which is responsible for Dr. Agustin Oterino in another of these lines of R & D given that in many patients their cases are in states of total cognitive and / or functional dependence, this implies a high impact on the quality of life of patients and their families. The high health and social costs are analyzed, considering also the main reasons for the institutionalization of patients, etc. This line is in collaboration (projects, articles and papers to national and international congresses in progress) since 2017 with the IDIVAL group of neurodegenerative diseases and with the IDIVAL group of nurses responsible for the teacher Carmen Sarabia.

5. Economic analysis and evaluation of public policies. Economy of health expenditure. Efficiency. Methods and tools for evaluating public policies (projects, articles and presentations to national and international congresses): from this R & D group the master and expert (postgraduate) in the direction and management of health services of the University of Cantabria in collaboration with the Health Department of the Government of Cantabria and research into improving the efficient management and equitable management of health services as well as their economic impact

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