Health economics and health services management

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Line 1. Socioeconomic determinants of health: addressing biological, social, cultural and economic factors that condition health. Analysis of socioeconomic health models. Determinants and risk factors in the development of diseases. Healthy lifestyles and effect. Demand and immigration. Gender equality in health. Impact of the economic crisis. Projects, articles and presentations at national and international conferences.

Line 2. Efficiency in the use of health resources: efficient use of human, material and technological resources. Health expenditure evaluation and financing. Analysis of health management models. Economic study of health decisions. Social return on health investment (SROI methodology). Implications in other fields: public health, education, employment, consumption. Collaboration: IDIVAL Group Epidemiology and public health.

Line 3. Drug economics: analysis of the pharmaceutical sector from a health, economic, and social perspective. Pharmacoeconomics and analysis of the pharmaceutical sector. Research in economics and medication management. Economic evaluation of programs and technologies. Equity in access to health and pharmaceutical benefits of administrations and health organizations. Equal access to pharmacotherapeutic invocation. Collaborations: Health Economics Association (AES); Pompeu Fabra University.

Line 4. Mental health economics: evaluation of hospitalization / consultation assistance protocols and outpatient support programs. Economic evaluation of direct costs in health services, non-health costs (informal care) and indirect costs (loss of labor productivity, chronic disability). Collaboration: IDIVAL Psychiatry Group.

Line 5. Econometrics of health, habits and quality of life: development of theoretical and applied models of decision-making in health and social services. Economy of disability, dementia and dependence. Singularity of clinical and sociodemographic characteristics of patients with cognitive and / or functional dependence. Impact on quality of life of health innovation. Collaborations: IDIVAL Clinical and genetic group of headaches; IDIVAL Group Neurodegenerative diseases; IDIVAL Group Nursing research; IDIVAL Group Epidemiology and public health.

Line 6. Economic analysis and evaluation of public policies: key aspect of management to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the actions of a government or administration. Economy of health spending. Methods and tools for evaluating public policies. Research in models of efficient health management and equitable management of health services. Management and transfer of knowledge: responsible for the "Master and Expert (postgraduate) in health services management and management" of the University of Cantabria in collaboration with the Ministry of Health. Collaboration: Expert Program in Health Policies and Health Economics at Pompeu Fabra University. Dissemination: generalist and sector media.

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