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1. Genetics of migraines. Genetics of migraines. The group has maintained its epidemiological-clinical and basic research activity (mainly in genetic association studies) in the field of cephalalgias. Within this first aspect, we should highlight the demonstration of the dose-dependent association between migraines and tobacco, and studies focusing on proving the usefulness of new neuromodulators (topiramate and zonisamide) in the treatment of refractory chronic migraines. In the field of genetics, the epistatic interaction of genes related to oestrogen metabolism in migraines (oestrogen receptor ESR2) has been described in 594 subjects grouped in 132 families, confirming the existence of a genetic factor in the pathogenesis of migraines as related to sex hormones; we further researched the association of genes of the folate metabolic pathway and migraines, confirming the association of migraines with aura and high homocysteine levels. We have recently demonstrated that there is significant endothelial activation in migraine sufferers and that this activation is more pronounced in chronic migraines. Furthermore, we demonstrated that there are variants of certain subunits of GABA associated with migraines in general.

2. Clinical and Genetic Research in Multiple Sclerosis. In this line of research we are developing sub-programmes which include::

  • HLA haplotype study regarding the origin within the region. Influence of HLA on multiple sclerosis.
  • Study of vascular damage associated with Multiple Sclerosis by analysing circulating endothelial cells: the correlation of endothelial activation with the severity and stage of the disease.
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