Neurodegenerative diseases

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1. Research in peripheral neuropathies:

  • Clinical-molecular correlations in hereditary neuropathies
  • Pathophysiology of Guilláin-Barré syndrome

2. Dementia research: the dementia line focuses on clinical research linked to the activity of the Cognitive Impairment Unit and the "Valdecilla Study for Memory and Brain Aging" project. It presents three fundamental areas:

  • Neuropsychology: description of cognitive and behavioral alteration profiles with clinical utility in the main dementias.
  • Genetics: as a founding group of the DEGESCO group, we are coordinators of national dementia genetics projects and collaborate in the main international consortia of Alzheimer's genetics.
  • Biomarkers: in the line dedicated to biomarkers of Alzheimer's disease, we highlight our studies with CSF markers and PIB PET in collaboration with the Nuclear Medicine group of HUMV.

3. Research in Parkinson's disease:

  • Clinical-molecular biomarkers in Parkinson's disease associated with the G2019S mutation of LRRK2
  • Genetic Epidemiology of Parkinson's disease

4. Research on hereditary ataxias:

  • Clinical-molecular correlations of hereditary ataxias.
  • Multimodal biomarkers in hereditary ataxias

5. Research in ELA:

  • Epidemiology and new therapies in ELA
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