Neurophysiology in Epilepsy and Neurointensive care

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  1. Convulsive status epilepticus.
  2. Not convulsive status epilepticus.
  3. Non-convulsive malignant or super-refractory status epilepticus.
  4. Multimodal neuromonitoring including intracerebral electrodes in patients in coma with acute brain damage.
  5. EEG patterns prognosis in cerebral anoxia.
  6. Post-anoxic myoclonic epilepticus status.
  7. Diagnostic situations of clinical brain death with electrical activity in the EEG.
  8. Diagnosis of stem-brain death.
  9. Coma. Brain structures involved in consciousness. Default Mode Network.
  10. EEG-neuroimaging correlation in periodic electroencephalographic alterations.
  11. EEG predictors of vasospasm in subarachnoid hemorrhage.
  12. SESA syndrome (subacute encephalopathy with seizures in alcoholics).
  13. Pharmacological neurotoxicity in critical patients. Border syndromes between non-convulsive status epilepticus / epileptiform encephalopathy.
  14. Bispectral index (bispectral index, BIS) and its correlation with EEG records.
  15. EEG-neuroimaging correlation in childhood epilepsy.
  16. Experimental models of status epilepticus. Electroencephalographic phases of the status epilepticus.
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