Clinical Trials Agency

Secretaría Técnica
Blanca del Pozo Fernández
Tel.:942 20 29 80
Ext.: 72980

Gestión Administrativa
Lorena Martín Guerra
Tel.:942 31 55 14
Ext.: 75514

Farmacólogo Clínico
Cinta Almenara Miramón
Tel.:942 31 55 14
Ext.: 73151


The Clinical Trials Agency promotes and enhances clinical trials, providing the means to develop quality research, in health centers of Cantabria and functioning as an umbrella structure comprising the different actors involved in the process.


This unit is responsible for providing methodological and scientific support to researchers, to provide comprehensive advice in the planning and execution of clinical research projects.


Also it performs tasks of administrative and economic management which includes the processing of documentation relating to the tests, specifically contracts clinical trials conducted throughout the public health environment of Cantabria.


IDIVAL also supports through its agency, administrative, computer equipment and spaces the Ethics Committee for Clinical Research of Cantabria.


IDIVAL is part of the Clinical Trials Platform (Scren) of the Institute of Health Carlos III. Platform for Clinical Research Units and Clinical Trials, promoted and financed by the ISCIII, aims to support such trials. The Platform consists of 29 units in both public and private health centers.

Gobierno de Cantabria  Servicio Cántabro de Salud  Hospital Universitario Marqués de Valdecilla   Universidad de Cantabria    Instituto de Salud Carlos III 
Edificio IDIVAL, Avenida Cardenal Herrera Oria s/n,
39011 Santander (CANTABRIA).

Phone.: 942 31 55 15
Fax: 942 31 55 17