Training and methodology

Statistical counseling 

IDIVAL offers expert statistical advice, ranging from planning experiments and studies to data analysis and the interpretation of results.


This Unit has the support of the IDIVAL clinical trials agency and the following experts in our environment:


  • Pedro Muñoz Cacho (Teaching Unit of Family and Community Medicine, Cantabria Health Service). Email:
  • Carlos Redondo Figuero (Primary Care Pediatrician, Cantabria Health Service). Email:

Asking support

For ask service to send the specific form to one of the experts of the Unit.

The application will be evaluated internally and budget for acceptance shall be provided. Once accepted the budget, the requested work will be done. The fees will be charged to research projects. Fees for methodological support are:


  • Internal Rate: The hourly rate applicable to projects in the institution is 30 € / hour.
  • External Rate 1: The hourly rate applicable to external clients that are public entities is 40 € / hour.
  • External Rate 2: The hourly rate applicable to external customers who are private entities is 90 € / hour.

Service portfolio:

  • Experimental design or prior to study initiation.

  • Timely advice on methodological aspects.

  • Preparing databases.

  • Monitoring of statistical analysis.

  • Statistical design of a clinical trial and protocol development aspects. Randomization, data management and analysis of clinical trial results.

  • Monitoring of statistical research projects.

  • Multivariate logistic regression analysis, Poisson, Cox models, major, multidimensional scaling components, etc.

  • Analysis of genetic polymorphisms to identify susceptibility genes or prognosis.

  • Analysis of risk factors or prognosis.

  • Full analysis of the data provided.

  • Descriptive statistics on the results of surveys or questionnaires to patients.

  • Calculation of measurement sample needed for an experiment or study.

  • Review of the analysis and conclusions of a study.

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