Dementia consortium

22 de julio de 2016

The Consortium is looking for novel targets in the areas of neurodegeneration and dementia generated by scientists at academic institutions in the UK and the rest of the world. We support target validation studies: preclinical research that aims to give confidence in the relevance of a novel target to a disease. The approaches can cover all aspects of dementia therapy, from treating the underlying pathology to improving cognition and other mental symptoms. The targets will be early stage, but should have some supporting data to support their role in disease; for example, based on population disease association studies, siRNA and rescue studies, or transgenic animal studies.

The Dementia Consortium provides drug discovery resources, project management, industry expertise and tools as well as full funding support for projects. We can support small molecule or antibody-based strategies and aim to generate tools to achieve preclinical target validation. Our ultimate goal is to progress successful projects from laboratories towards the clinic.

Applications to collaborate with the Dementia Consortium are open globally to academic researchers and SMEs. Applications are reviewed six times per year. Please register your details to download the application form now.

Next deadline: 15 November 2016