Mérieux Research Grants

23 de septiembre de 2016


Institut Mérieux has set up an innovative structure aimed at boosting and accelerating scientific innovation, that include a research grants program designed to promote and identify innovative projects.

These research grants are designed to promote and identify innovative projects. They provide investigators (junior, senior, in the medical or scientific community) in public and private laboratories with the funding needed to conduct projects on infectious diseases, cancer and cardiovascular diseases, nutrition, food and water safety. 

All applications go through a rigorous review process. Those that are selected are awarded a two-year grant (up to € 200,000), with Institut Mérieux having the option of establishing strategic partnerships in the event of success. 

There are two types of grants:

  • Advanced Research Grants for the most innovative projects having significant strategic advantages,
  • Starting Research Grants for projects that, although interesting, must clearly demonstrate their feasibility

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