6th edition of the NEXT-Val Call for young researchers

10 de March de 2020

The NEXT-VAL call promotes the development of translational research projects in the biosanitary environment of Cantabria, led by leading emerging researchers who have never accessed as such a competitive access aid.

Requirements of the principal investigator:

It will be necessary to have a principal investigator who has a labor, official or statutory relationship with the Public Health System of Cantabria, with the University of Cantabria as a professor linked to healthcare activity or, failing that, as staff of an IDIVAL research group.

The principal investigators must not be more than forty-five years old and have never had access to financing as a principal investigator in a project obtained through a call for competitive national or international aid, or in the IDIVAL Next-Val or Inn-Val calls . Training specialists are excluded.

Next-Val research projects will have a duration of two years, extendable by a third year upon express request at least two months before their completion. The maximum amount to be awarded per project is € 25,000. Total amount of the call € 100,000. Projects that have had funding in IDIVAL calls corresponding to the Next-Val or Inn-Val Programs will not be accepted. Participation in this project does not imply incompatibility with other IDIVAL calls, except those mentioned above.

Required documentation

The request will be made in a standardized model available on the aid platform that is accessed through the IDIVAL website. The following documents must be submitted together with the application:

a) Curriculum vitae of each of the members of the research team in FECYT format (reduced version), available at: and on the IDIVAL intranet.

b) Report of the research project including: structured summary, background and current status of the topic, bibliography, objectives, hypotheses, methodology and work plan, resources available for the realization of the project, applicability and usefulness of foreseeable results, staff experience researcher on the subject, detailed justification of the requested funding and budget.

c) If there is support for the development of the project by an IDIVAL group, this fact must be expressly reflected in the project, with a document included in the report endorsed by the IDIVAL Group Manager or Group Member Researcher with a minimum of 2 competitive projects approved in the National R&D Plan.

More information: in the following Link:

The deadline for submitting applications is from March 15 to April 15.