Statistical and bioinformatic advice to researchers

IDIVAL offers specialized advice on statistics, which includes from the planning of experiments and studies to the analysis of data and helps in the interpretation of results. For support, the Unit is supported by the IDIVAL Clinical Trials Agency and the following experts from our environment:
  • Pedro Muñoz Cacho (Family and Community Medicine Teaching Unit, Cantabrian Health Service). Email:
  • Carlos Redondo Figuero (Primary Care Pediatrician, Cantabrian Health Service). Email:
IDIVAL also offers research support with the incorporation of a bioinformatics technician:

Service request

To request service send the specific unified form to one of the experts of the Unit or bioinformatic technician.

In the case of Unit experts, the application will be evaluated internally and a budget will be provided for acceptance. Once the budget is accepted, the requested work will be carried out. Fees will be charged to IDIVAL research projects. The rates for methodological support are as follows:

  • Internal rate: The applicable hourly rate with projects in the institution is € 30 / hour.
  • External rate 1: The hourly rate applicable to external clients that are public entities is € 40 / hour.
  • External rate 2: The hourly rate applicable to external clients that are private entities is € 90 / hour.

In the case of bioinformatic support, it is recommended to provide a detailed description of the experiment, objectives of the analysis and variables to consider. Send the form to the address:

The request will be evaluated internally and the acceptance will be communicated via email, details will also be finalized (fees will not be charged although minimum delivery times are required depending on the request).

Unified service portfolio

  • Design of the experiment or study prior to its start.
  • Timely advice on methodological aspects.
  • Supervision of statistical analyzes.
  • Database preparation
  • Review of the analysis and conclusions of a study.
  • Calculation of the sample measurement necessary for a particular experiment or study.
  • Descriptive statistics on the results of patient surveys or questionnaires.
  • Full analysis of the data provided.
  • Analysis of risk factors or prognosis.
  • Analysis of genetic polymorphisms to identify susceptibility genes or prognosis.
  • Multivariate analysis of logistic regression, Poisson, Cox models, main components, multidimensional scaling, etc.
  • Supervision of research project statistics.
  • Statistical aspects in the design of a clinical trial and in the elaboration of the protocol. Randomization, data management and analysis of the results of the clinical trial.
  • Analysis of longitudinal data or repeated measurements with mixed linear models
  • Support with generalized linear models
  • Survival analysis with Kaplan-Meier curves
  • Gene expression analysis with microarray technology data, RNAseq transcriptomic data and GSEA analysis with functional databases (GO, KEGG)
  • Analysis of metagenomic data generated by pyrosequencing of the gene encoding 16S rRNA.