Valdecilla biobank is a research support platform created to promote biomedical research through the management of patient’s samples and associated clinical data, all under the strictest conditions of quality and confidentiality.

In December 2015, the unit’s authorization to operate as a biobank was renewed by the Ministry of Health of Cantabria. This authorization implies compliance with the provisions set out in Royal Decree 1716/2011 of 18th November and its incorporation into the National Register of Biobanks of the Carlos III Health Institute.

Its main functions are:

  • Generate large collections of samples and associated data of high scientific value, homogeneous, adequately classified and meeting quality criteria.
  • To make available to the scientific community collections of biological samples and their associated clinical data in order to facilitate and promote quality biomedical research.
  • Provide methodological support and advice to researchers in all matters related to the establishment of collections.
  • Guarantee the rights of patients / donors and the confidentiality of their data by strict compliance with current ethical and legal standards.
  • Participate in the actions and objectives of national biobanks networks.