The participation in a patient clinical trial is generally proposed by specialists caring for patients. Active clinical trials in our environment can be found in the clinical trial search engine on this website based on the researcher, the service, the treated disease, the promoter, etc.


According to the Royal Decree of Clinical Trials in force in Spain, the definition of clinical trial is “All research carried out in humans to determine or confirm clinical, pharmacological and / or other pharmacodynamic effects, and / or detect adverse reactions, and / or to study the absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion of one or more investigational drugs to determine their safety and / or efficacy.”

The clinical trial is an essential phase in the investigation to demonstrate that a new treatment is beneficial for the patient. Treatments used in clinical trials often show real benefits.

Participants (healthy volunteers and patients) are indispensable for clinical research. Without them, a new medicine could not be developed or improved.

You can consult the active clinical trials in the Cantabria health system at the following link


Each clinical trial is tailored to the treatment studied and the disease to which that treatment is directed so that each trial has its own particular requirements.

Clinical trials are designed by experts and must be submitted to the evaluation and approval of the health authorities, which in Spain is the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products, attached to the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality) and the committees to investigate the ethics before they can take place.

In Cantabria, clinical trials are evaluated by the Regional Clinical Trials Committee composed of experts in various areas of the biosanitary environment.


Clinical trials in Cantabria are carried out in hospitals and health centers. Those of special complexity are carried out with the support of the Valdecilla Clinical Trials Unit, a highly endowed unit, located at the Marqués de Valdecilla University Hospital


In clinical trials with healthy volunteers, a specific announcement is made for each trial, by various means (websites, social networks, mail, press announcements). Those who want can register to enter an evaluation and selection process according to the inclusion and exclusion criteria of each trial.

In all trials, the patient will be adequately informed verbally and in writing, and must sign an informed consent document before participation begins.

Participation in the trials may require, in addition to the administration of the drugs tested in the trial, specific tests and admission to the Valdecilla Clinical Trials Unit.

Participants in clinical trials may receive an agreed financial compensation that will be related to the characteristics of each trial.