Call Express CaixaImpulse COVID-19

31 de March de 2020

CaixaImpulse COVID-19 call seeks to support projects with results, including preliminary ones, of scientific research or with strategies and technologies in additional transfer stages that can have a significant impact on the beneficiaries.

The call is aimed at Universities, university foundations, research and transfer centers, technology centers, hospitals, hospital foundations and non-profit institutions whose main activity is research based in Spain or Portugal that has the assets resulting from the activity of investigation.

The program offers financial support of € 300,000 for a maximum of 24 months, as well as ad hoc non-financial support, reducing the barriers affected and facilitating access to mentoring, training and networking.

The constant evaluation process of two different stages:

1) A first pre-selection of applications based on a letter of intent;

2) A second selection in which the shortlisted candidates will present a complete project proposal.

Projects must include clearly targeted strategies or technologies to prevent, treat, monitor, or diagnose COVID-19 disease.

The potential transferability of the project, its development plan, its implementation and its social impact and responsible innovation will be evaluated.

Applications are open until April 15.

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