Call for postMIR contracts Valdecilla Lopez Albo 2018

12 de March de 2018

IDIVAL announces the post-Residency VALDECILLA 2018 contracts for the development of research and innovation projects, in specialists of the health field newly trained in our country with the aim of developing a period of intensive training in translational research through the development of a first project of supervised research and a stay at a center of international relevance.

These contracts can be accessed by graduates who have obtained the title of specialist in the National Health System -MIR, FIR, QIR, PIR, RIR or BIR- (hereinafter, specialists by residence system) and have completed their training period in 2017 or that will end in 2018.

The project must start in the second semester of 2018 or in the first of 2019, depending on its characteristics, it can have a total duration between 18 and 36 months and, in any case, it will include a minimum period of 12 and a maximum of 18 months of duration in centers of recognized international prestige.

The annual gross salary will be € 37,572 being an unalterable amount for the entire duration of the contract and paid in 14 monthly installments.

Application deadline March 31st

Link to the application platform