Conference Cardiovascular risk in spondyloarthropaties

19 de March de 2017

The eighth session of the Program of lectures Valdecilla Progress Reports will take place on the 22nd of March. The conference will be given by Fernanda Genre, Post-doctoral contract Sara Borrell, grant from the Institute of Health Carlos III, at the IDIVAL’s Genetic epidemiology and atherosclerosis in systemic inflammatory diseases group leaded by Dr. Miguel Ángel González-Gay Mantecón. 

The session will be about “Cardiovascular risk in spondyloarthropaties” and is briefly summarized below:

During the last years, the Epidemiology, genetics and atherosclerosis research group on systemic inflammatory diseases has focused the studies on the clinical epidemiology of different inflammatory pathologies such as rheumatoid arthritis, vasculitis and systemic lupus erythematosus, among others. In addition, taking into account the high incidence of cardiovascular disease in patients diagnosed with such diseases, the group has been searching for gene polymorphisms, serum biomarkers and non-invasive clinical markers that could help to stratify patients according to cardiovascular risk, serving as potential new tools for more personalized therapies. In this context, the group has recently started a line of research aimed to assess cardiovascular risk in spondyloarthropaties. For this purpose, this line of research will evaluate the influence of different serum biomarkers and genetic factors (both regarding gene polymorphisms and gene expression profiles) on the development of cardiovascular disease, combined with carotid ultrasound and imaging techniques (to assess the presence of surrogate markers of cardiovascular disease), in a large cohort of Spanish individuals diagnosed with different spondyloarthropaties. The main aim of this line of research is to identify markers that could be of use for the early diagnosis of spondyloarthritis patients with high cardiovascular risk that may need a complementary therapy, thus avoiding or delaying the development of cardiovascular disease.

This program of seminars is given by young researchers on the field of IDIVAL’s clinic and laboratories. Speakers will explain the scientific advances of their current research projects. With the idea of debating and networking, the main goal of these meetings, all the predoctoral contracts, Post-MIR Valdecilla López Albo researchers, Río Hortega and Inn-Val grants are invited to attend to these sessions as part of their training. 

The meeting will take place on the 22nd of March in lecture room 4-5, pavilion 16 of the HUMV (1st floor) and has a capacity of 30 people. The session will be given in English and will last around 30 minutes and follow by a debate.

Researchers who attend 80% of the meetings throughout the academic year will receive a certificate of assistance.

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