Conference Introduction to design thinking and innovation focused on people

16 de November de 2016
The next 21st of November will take place the Conference “Introduction to design thinking and innovation focused on people” by Asier Pérez, Research and Creativity Director of Dowayo Foresight. Dowayo Foresight is a pioneering study based on a human-centered innovation.

The design thinking is a methodology to generate innovative ideas focused on the efficiency to understand and to give a solution to real necessities of people. It is the way how products designers work.

After the conference, there is a workshop “Innovation based on the users” to put in practice the ideas showed on the conference. Participants will do an exercise to put in practice the innovation through Design Thinking.

People interested in the workshop need to enroll in advance because there is a forum of 50 people. After enrolling it will be necessary to confirm the attendance. Those students who are not part of the Hospital need to send an email to, with the following details: name and surname, ID, Professional category, Position and place of work and an address to send the certificate.

The conference will take place at Salón Téllez Plasencia, Pavillion 16, HUMV, at 4pm. Entrance to the lecture is free until seating capacity is reached.

More information:

Workshop Poster

Workshop Programme