Dr Patarroyo teaches an extraordinary session at IDIVAL

19 de April de 2020

IDIVAL participates one more year in the Science Week that is celebrated from November 4 to 17, organized by the Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit of the University of Cantabria. During these days, students from interested colleges and institutes visit the facilities of the University of Cantabria and other centers such as the IDIVAL Research Institute.

At IDIVAL, students visit the technological services (the Biobank, microscopy unit and the cytometry unit), the cell microbiology laboratory, the immunology laboratory located at the Marqués de Valdecilla University Hospital and / or the nanomedicine laboratory located in the School of Medicine.

Within the organized activities, on November 12, the students of the Villajunco Institute of Santander, in addition to visiting the technological services of IDIVAL, received an extraordinary visit from Dr. Patarroyo. Dr. Patarroyo who was in those days in Cantabria gave a session to the students and in which he related his professional and personal career: his childhood and his interest in science, his studies, his time in the laboratory until the development of the malaria vaccine. Dr. Patarroyo transmitted to the students enthusiasm, motivation, work and passion for what is done.

Photo: Session given by Dr. Patarroyo to the students of the Villajunco Institute at the IDIVAL facilities within the activities of the Science Week.