GILEAD Grants for the execution of medical education projects and activities

3 de October de 2019

Considering that the generation of scientific knowledge in the field of health sciences, its dissemination and application to the healthcare activity constitutes a key element to achieve progress and improve the living conditions of citizens, GILEAD SCIENCES has been actively developing a policy of promotion and support for the realization of educational programs aimed at the training of health professionals in the therapeutic areas in which the Company is present.

For this, and through the granting of non-refundable monetary contributions intended for its execution, GILEAD SCIENCES intends to promote the realization of programs or activities that result in the training of the healthcare professional by considering that continuous training and investment in education are beneficial for the patients, for the medical community and for society, in general.

  • RECEPTION OF APPLICATIONS: Reception of proposals throughout the year through the email address
  • TYPE OF PROJECTS: Educational programs in the areas of Hepatology (chronic hepatitis due to Hepatitis B and C viruses as well as non-alcoholic steatohepatitis), HIV infection, Hemato-oncology (Diffuse non-Hodking large B-cell lymphoma, Primary mediastinal lymphoma and Mantle lymphoma ) and Fungal Infections (Invasive fungal infection).
    • Applications received during August-September-October will be evaluated in November and the resolution resolution will be communicated before the end of the year.
    • Applications received during November-December-January will be evaluated in the month of February and the resolution resolution will be communicated in the month of March.
    • Applications received during February-March-April will be evaluated during the month of May and the resolution resolution will be communicated in June.
    • Applications received during May-June-July will be evaluated during the month of September and the resolution resolution will be communicated in October.

The granting of the aid will be carried out through a competitive competition regime based on the objective assessment criteria set out in these rules. The award of the aid will be made in favor of those who have obtained the highest score until the financial resources available for the call are exhausted.

  • APPLICANT ENTITY AND BENEFICIARY ENTITY: The entity organizing the activity must be the applicant and beneficiary activity, where appropriate, of the subsidy. They will be non-profit entities as listed in the Basis of this Call.
  • PERIOD OF IMPLEMENTATION OF THE PROJECTS: The activity for which the aid is requested will begin after the estimated date of response and will be executed in a period not exceeding 12 months.
  • PROJECT PRESENTATION LANGUAGE: All information submitted for evaluation must be submitted in Spanish or English.

See the bases of the grant here.

Download the application form here.