H2020 IMI Draft of Future topics

25 de May de 2018

To give potential applicants as much time as possible to form consortia and prepare their proposals, IMI regularly publishes draft topic texts on this page several weeks before the official Call launch. 

Draft topic texts are subject to consultations involving IMI's States Representatives Group, Scientific Committee, and the European Commission. They must also be approved by the IMI Governing Board. Depending on the results of the consultations and approval process, the final topic text may differ significantly from the draft versions initially published here, and some topics may not be included in a Call in the end.

The following topics are currently under consideration for inclusion in future IMI Calls for proposals.

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) accelerator programme

The AMR Accelerator programme consists of three pillars under which multiple projects are expected:

Pillar A: Capability building network (CBN)
Pillar B: Tuberculosis drug development network (TBDDN)
Pillar C: Company-specific portfolio building networks (PBNs)

Currently, one two-stage topic is under consideration for inclusion in Pillar A; one two-stage topic is under consideration for inclusion in Pillar B; and one single-stage Call for proposals with seven topics is under consideration for inclusion in Pillar C.

The topics proposed for inclusion in the Pillar C single-stage Call for proposals are as follows. More information on these can be found in the draft Call text above.

  • Topic 1: Progress new assets (One pre new molecular entity (preNME) and one first-time-in-human (FTIH)) for tuberculosis that act synergistically with bedaquiline, cytochrome bc or cytochrome bd inhibitors
  • Topic 2: Progress novel assets (One first-time-in-human (FTIH)) for non-tubercular mycobacteria (NTM) that may act synergistically with bedaquiline, and cytochrome bc drugs
  • Topic 3: Discover and progress novel assets with new mechanisms of action (1 pre-new molecular entity (NME) for tuberculosis (TB) and 1-pre- new molecular entity (NME) for non-tubercular mycobacteria (NTM) and biomarkers for TB and NTM infection
  • Topic 4: Determination of gepotidacin levels in tonsils and prostatic tissue
  • Topic 5: Infection site targeting, antibiotic encapsulated in nanoparticles for treating extracellular bacterial infections
  • Topic 6: Functional ethionamide boosters. A novel combination for tuberculosis therapy
  • Topic 7: Intravenous treatments of serious infections (urinary tract infections (UTI), intra-addominal infections (IAI) & hospital-acquired pneumonia/ventilator associated pneumonia (HAP/VAP)) caused by Gram(-) bacteria (Enterobacteriaceae +/- Pseudomonas and/or Acinetobacter

All information regarding future IMI Call topics is indicative and subject to change. Final information about future IMI Calls will be communicated after approval by the IMI Governing Board.

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