IDIVAL launches a bioinformatics unit to support researchers

20 de January de 2020

IDIVAL launches a bioinformatics unit to support the researchers of the Institute with the incorporation of a bioinformatics contract obtained from the call of the Strategic Health Action 2019 for the incorporation of bioinformatics.

The bioinformatic technician is Noelia Rodriguez Pérez graduated in Biological Sciences from the UCM in 2004, a doctor in biology from the UCM (2009) and a master's degree in bioinformatics and biostatistics from the UOC in 2018. She has worked on a project linked to the area of neuroscience IDIVAL, in the Psychiatry Research Group, where it performed longitudinal data analysis applying mixed linear models for the analysis of neuroimaging data obtained with magnetic resonance and will be part of the IDIVAL technological services area, complementing the existing ones and will support the research groups of the Institute. Supporting the existing lines of work in the institute of sequencing, epidemiology and image treatment.

Its incorporation can provide support in: analysis of longitudinal data with linear longitudinal mixed models, generation of linear and logistic multivariate regression models, survival analysis with Kaplan-Meier curves, analysis of gene expression with microarray technology data, transcriptomic data by RNAseq and GSEA analysis with functional databases (GO, KEGG), metagenomic data analysis generated by pyrosequencing of the gene encoding 16S rRNA and ChIP-Seq data analysis.

Noelia is physically on the third floor of IDIVAL and you can contact Noelia by email