IDIVAL leads the health research sub-module in the Master in Health Services Management of the UC

16 de February de 2024

Clinical trials, industrial property or human factor engineering will be key topics to be discussed with the students.

The Valdecilla Health Research Institute (IDIVAL) participates in the Master’s Degree in Health Services Management of the University of Cantabria (UC), whose objective is to train professionals capable of leading processes of change and innovation in health systems.

The postgraduate course is made up of seven different modules and IDIVAL leads the block focused on health research within the module ‘Health Research. Public Health’. Classes will be held from February 16 to March 1 on a wide variety of topics.

Firstly, IDIVAL will talk about human factor engineering and medical technologies showing their current relevance in the bio-health field. The block will continue to delve into the role of scientific-technical platforms within health institutes, research with human biological samples and the role of hospital biobanks.  Clinical trials will also be a key topic to be dealt with by Valdecilla’s Clinical Trials Unit, which will detail the steps involved in managing the clinical trial approval process and the necessary contracts.

The IDIVAL Management Department will also explain the IDIVAL model, the framework and sources of funding, as well as the institute’s research and innovation management. It will also address the national science and technology strategy, health innovation strategies and the strategic plan of a health research institute such as IDIVAL.

With regard to scientific activity, there will be a discussion on its evaluation, the good clinical practices that are necessary, in addition to dealing with concepts such as innovation and industrial protection in the healthcare environment.

With an eye on Europe, emphasis will be placed on the general framework of health policy in the European Union, with special mention of the Horizon Europe program with some practical cases and showing IDIVAL’s experience in this field.

Blended and cross-disciplinary training

The Master in Management and Administration of Health Services of the University of Cantabria (MADGS) is aimed at university graduates, graduates and university graduates, students in their final years, health professionals, as well as people interested in specializing in this professional field. It is also aimed at non-health professionals with an interest in this field.

The postgraduate course takes place between October 2023 and June 2024 and is compatible with the professional activity as it is blended learning. The face-to-face classes are held at the Faculty of Economics and Business Studies on Fridays (16:30 to 21:00 hours) and Saturdays (9:00 to 14:00 hours). Virtual classes are available through the Virtual Classroom Moodle of the University of Cantabria.

The complete master’s degree consists of seven modules plus the Final Project, although it is also possible to obtain the University Diploma of Specialization by taking only the last three modules plus the final project.

The modules are offered and can be taken individually and independently as Expert University Diplomas.

Modules and dates:

  1. Health Economics and Economic Evaluation Applied to Health and Socio-Health Services. 20/10/2023 to 03/11/2023
  2. Health and Socio-Health Law. 10/11/2023 to 16/12/2023

III. Public Management, Contracting and Competence Framework of Health Care Managers. 12/01/2024 to 10/02/2024

  1. Health Research. Public Health. 16/02/2024 to 15/03/2024
  2. Health Management, Pharmacy and Inspection. Planning and user relations. 03/16/2024 to 04/20/2024
  3. Digital transformation. Health Care. 04/26/2024 to 05/18/2024

VII. Management of Health Services Provision. Primary Care Management and Hospital Management. 24/05/2024 to 07/06/2024

Final Program Work