IDIVAL participates in promoted IMPaCT programs

10 de December de 2020


On November 20, the provisional resolution for the granting of subsidies for the “Infrastructure of Precision Medicine associated with Science and Technology (IMPaCT)” of the Strategic Action in Health 2017-2020 was published.


IMPaCT is an R + D + i action aimed at the implementation of Precision Medicine in the National Health System (SNS). The IMPaCT call consists of three programs closely related to each other, Predictive Medicine, Data Science and Genomic Medicine that will constitute an infrastructure that seeks to generate knowledge and the scientific technical bases to support the deployment of the national strategy of Precision Medicine in the System National Health.


Each program has a single beneficiary center at the state level that will act as the central node of the program and several collaborating entities distributed throughout the Spanish geography with a responsible researcher associated with each entity.


The three multicenter projects funded for each of the programs are:


• Predictive Medicine: Design and implementation of a large population cohort with clinical, epidemiological and biological data, measured at the individual level, which allows the representation of the entire population residing in Spain.


Aid financed with file number IMP / 00021 for an amount of € 13,999,997.00 and led at the national level by Marina Pollán Santamaria of the Consorcio Centro de Investigación Biomédica en Red (CIBER), the regional researcher being the researcher Luis Mariano López López, Director of Primary Care Nursing of the Cantabrian Health Service.


• Data Science: Development of a system for the collection, integration and analysis of clinical and molecular data aimed at improving the health of each patient, and which allows the secondary use of existing information in the SNS for the benefit of society with objectives public health, health planning and research.


Aid financed with file number IMP / 00019 for an amount of € 4,549,380.00 and led at the national level by Alfonso Valencia of the National Supercomputing Center, with the researcher Raúl Martínez Santiago, Coordinator of Systems and Technologies of Information from the Cantabrian Health Service.


• Genomic Medicine: Have the coordination infrastructures and protocols to carry out genomic analyzes and other “omics” data in an effective, efficient and equitable accessible manner throughout the national territory.


Aid financed with file number IMP / 00009 for an amount of € 7,249,990.00 and led at the national level by Ángel Carracedo Álvarez of the Center for Online Biomedical Research Consortium (CIBER), the researcher José Luis Fernández being responsible at the regional level Luna, head of the group “Cell Signaling and Therapeutic Targets in Cancer” at IDIVAL and Coordinator of Genetics at the Marqués de Valdecilla University Hospital.