IDIVAL takes part in the Master of Health Services Management

7 de April de 2017

IDIVAL has participated in the IX edition of the Master of Health Services Management (MADGS) run by Professor Dr. David Cantarero Prieto at the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Cantabria. IDIVAL has given Sanitary Research within the module of Sanitary Research and Public Health.

Training and promotion of the research activity in the biosanitary field of Cantabria is one of IDIVAL’s strategic goals. The collaboration of the Institute in this Master allows knowing and valuing the activities developed by IDIVAL.

Sessions have provided an overview of the current situation of Health Research in fields such as the organizational model of Health Research Institutes, scientific production and its evaluation, legal and administrative framework in R & D, clinical research and innovation in health. IDIVAL’s speakers have explained their functions in each area of the Central Research Support Unit: projects, innovation, technological support services, training, clinical trial and general services.




IDIVAL’s technological support services coordinator has presented the technological services such as the Biobank, the area of cytometry and cell separation, or the area of microscopy. Students had the opportunity to visit IDIVAL’s laboratories and all the facilities of the Institute.

The European projects unit in collaboration with the Office of the Cantabria’s Government in Brussels, whose staff has moved to Santander to teach the master's degree, underlined the importance of the internationalization. During this session, speakers focused on the actions and characteristics of the European Program H2020.

Innovation is a relevant unit at IDIVAL because of the great capacities in the sanitary environment. IDIVAL's Office of Transfer of Research Results (OTRI) has presented the basic concepts related to this area, focusing on industrial protection and its management.

IDIVAL’s clinical trials unit has presented the main aspects of administrative management and execution. Clinical trial is a concept totally linked to health research, with high legal requirements and with relevant economic implications. 

Finally, researchers from IDIVAL have highlighted the importance of the scientific production and its evaluation, showing how to develop a research project and how to develop a doctoral thesis.

IDIVAL’s collaboration in the Master of Health Services Management (MADGS) is an excellent opportunity to disseminate and value the importance of health research which undoubtedly affects the welfare of society.