IDIVAL’s PRIM-VAL call for research projects in primary care is now open

10 de April de 2023

Applications may be submitted until 10 May at the following link


The PRIM-VAL call seeks to promote IDIVAL’s primary care research and innovation by partially or fully funding projects developed in this field.

Project requirements

Research and innovation projects will be considered on topics related to the field of primary care, preferably patient care, chronic diseases and highly prevalent diseases.

The projects must be developed mainly in the public health environment of Cantabria and must be aimed at research and innovation and development in the field of health.

Principal investigator requirements

The project will have a principal investigator who must be a professional working in the Public Health System of Cantabria. Specialists in training are excluded.

Requirements of the research team

At least 50% of the research team must be made up of primary care professionals from the public health system of Cantabria and may include people from other national or international institutions.

The figure of the Co-Principal Investigator is contemplated, who does not need to fulfil the requirements previously demanded for the Principal Investigator. Only one principal investigator will be allowed to participate in an application under this call.

For the development of the project, outside the local research team, collaborators from other public or private, national or international institutions may be included, whose curriculum vitae must also be provided.

At least half of the research team must belong to the Public Health System of Cantabria.

The estimated amount for the financing of the programme in the present call will be of

20.000€, the maximum amount to be financed per project will be 10.000€.

The duration of the projects will be 2 years, extendable.

Documentation required

Research project report.

Standardised CV in FECYT CVA format of the members of the research team.

Declarations of interest from companies, institutions or scientific societies or patient groups not participating in the project will also be accepted as part of the documentation.


Submission of applications until 10 May

Applications (link)