INN-VAL call for innovation projects in Valdecilla

21 de March de 2017

Inn-Val Call, for the development of innovation projects in Valdecilla University Hospital, is opened until de the 30th of April. IDIVAL focus on promoting the development of healthcare innovation projects and the transfer of knowledge to the society and market, in addition to integrating agents of the health environment, companies and the University of Cantabria.

This call is open to the field of Biomedicine, Electromedicine, Pharmaceutical Technologies, Technologies and Health Sciences, as well as Biotechnology, Chemical Technology and Materials applied to human health and Information and Communication Technologies applied to health.

This call has a budget of € 100,000, and the maximum amount per project is € 25,000. The duration of the projects will be 1 to 2 years. The aid granted may finance part or the whole project. 

Projects presented must have a principal researcher who will have a working relationship with IDIVAL, the Cantabrian Health Service, or the University of Cantabria as a teacher linked to the care activity or personnel of an IDIVAL research group.

All the projects submitted must choose one of the following options:

Option A. Development of innovative health technologies. Includes development of health products, services, diagnostic tools, medical and / or management software or new therapies, including drugs. Projects related to ergonomics, usability and human factor are considered of special interest.

Option B. Assistance innovation. Clinical and / or technological validation of a health technology and development, implantation and its validation in a clinical environment of new processes or assistance techniques. Health technology is understood as the set of medical and surgical devices and procedures used in health care, including its organizational and support systems, especially those related with the treatment of chronic patients.

Deadline for submission projects is the 30th of April. 

More information: IDIVAL grants