Marquesa de Pelayo Library suscribes to CINHAL Plus Database

23 de January de 2017

Marquesa de Pelayo Library, which dependents on IDIVAL, has subscribed to database CINHAL Plus, the most important of Nursing, with access to more than 500 international journals in full text.

The database allows you to launch thematic searches and it will give as a result references to articles whose complete text users can download directly from the database or ask for interlibrary loan service.

The interlibrary loan service is very simple to handle: just put the PMID (PUBMED identifier) in the corresponding field so that all the fields of the form are auto-filled. The response time usually does not exceed 24 hours, and without any cost.

To multiply the power of CINAHL Plus the magazines with full text available have been incorporated into the A / Z of magazines of the Marquesa de Pelayo Library. From there anyone can search by word, full title and / or ISSN, which is, as you know, the “enrollment” of the magazine. In this way, the search options of these journals are doubled: from the database and from the Library's own A / Z.

The CINAHL Plus subscription comes in addition to Cuiden Plus, focused on Spanish publications, which are also turned over in the A / Z of the Library's magazines.

Both databases, CINAHL Plus and Cuiden Plus, are reinforced with other specific free access, such as ENFISPO or CUIDATGE, apart from the wide range of clinical and research tools offered by the Marquesa de Pelayo Library, such as Clinical Key, one of the most advanced in the market, OVIDSP or UpToDate.

To access the Marquesa de Pelayo Library simply enter the unified user and password of the SCS, the same as any other application, such as VISOR or the Employee Portal itself. All the services and resources of the Library have remote access, that is, they can be used from any computer regardless of their location, provided that it is previously validated by the user on the Library website: http: // s

For any questions or queries, please contact the librarian at the following e-mail address:

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