1 de March de 2021

IDIVAL announces the NEXT-VAL (NEXT generation VALdecilla) program within the call for the Valdecilla 2020 Biosanitary Revitalization Plan, aimed at emerging researchers. This call, which promotes young talent and wants to facilitate the first leap for researchers to obtain competitive funding. This call tries to cover a gap that has increased in recent years due to greater competitiveness in accessing funding for research projects.

Potential beneficiaries as main researchers of the NEXT-VAL grants are those people with a labor, official or statutory relationship with the Cantabria Public Health System, with the University of Cantabria as a professor linked to healthcare activity or, failing that, as staff of a IDIVAL research group.

According to the criterio of emerging researcher of the Strategic Action in Health of the Carlos III Health Institute: the principal investigators must not be more than forty-five years old and have never accessed funding as principal investigator in a project obtained through a call for national or international competitive grants, or in the IDIVAL Next-Val, Prim-val, or Inn-Val calls. Training specialists are excluded.

NEXT-VAL research projects will have a minimum duration of one year and a maximum of two. The maximum amount to be awarded per project is € 25,000. The funding granted may fully or partially finance the project for which the grant is requested. The maximum allowable travel expense in the execution of each project will be € 3,000.

Required documentation: (see bases)

– Standardized CVA of each of the members of the research team.

– Report of the research project.

Application evaluation:

a) Assessment of the research team. It will be valued up to a maximum of 30 points: scientific-technical history; previous results obtained in the scope of the proposal and complementarity of the team. The participation of residents of the mentoring program or post-MIR Valdecilla contracts in the research team, the belonging of the main researcher to Primary Care or Nursing or to other areas underrepresented in IDIVAL research will be especially valued.

b) Project evaluation. A maximum of 70 points will be valued: quality, feasibility, relevance, translational interest, applicability of the project, capacity of the project to generate improvements in the knowledge of the bases of pathogenesis, in prevention, diagnosis, treatment of diseases, safety of the patient. Alignment with the needs and interests of the Cantabrian Public Health System and potential socioeconomic impact of the project. Those studies carried out on patients will be especially valued.

Application deadlines: February 15 to March 15, 2020.

Note: The execution of these funds will be carried out in accordance with the IDIVAL Project Management Instructions.

More detailed information on the call in the following BOC link: Official Gazette of Cantabria (download pdf)

More information on the IDIVAL aid portal: IDIVAL aid portal (link)