One more year IDIVAL takes part in the Science Week

1 de November de 2017

IDIVAL Clinical and Molecular Microbiology group will participate in the Science Week, one of the most important scientific events of the year in Europe. On days 6, 9, and 16 of November, IDIVAL will be open to the Cantabrian high school students, to show their daily work in an attractive way, in which students can learn and participate in scientific workshops.

The workshops will be divided into two parts. In the first one, Dr. José Ramos Vivas will explain why there are bacteria resistant to antibiotics and how it has reached a situation in which this topic is a priority in research to safeguard human health.

Photo from IDIVAL Science Week 2016

On the second part of the workshop, attendees will be shown the laboratories of bacteria and human cells that the research group uses to study the mechanisms of infectious diseases.

Finally, there will be a brief description of how scientific research begins in the laboratory and ends up in hospitals and patients.