Online Course in nanoprevention

16 de March de 2017

The University of Cantabria (UC), Fremap and Marques de Valdecilla Research (IDIVAL) has created the I University Course in Nanoprevention.

This course consists of training in labour risk prevention in the field of nanomaterials, whose application in industry has been growing rapidly in recent years, but not the establishment of prevention and correction measures. 

This program is attended by Rafael Valiente, course coordinator, Mónica López-Fanarraga, head of the Nanomedicine Research Group at UC-IDIVAL, Ciro Luis Salcines, Supervisor of Radioactive Facilities at the university, and Javier Ruiz, technician at Fremap Prevention Area.

The online course consists of 19 subjects grouped in six chapters, plus 30 explanatory videos, as well as two voluntary face-to-face sessions in which demonstrations of nanomaterial measurement equipment will be carried out.

The length of the course is 4 months. 

The course is aimed at all those professionals who use nanotechnology and nanomaterials in their lines of work or production. The learning method is prepared for anyone to acquire the knowledge and skills related to the manipulation or exposure to nanomaterials.

The deadline to enroll in the course and apply for scholarships with reduction in prize ends on the 31st of March. The course is scheduled to begin on April 17th.

More information:

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