Regional call for programmes to drive biomedical research for 2021

8 de February de 2021

Published in the Official Gazette of Cantabria on December 29, 2020, the Regional call 2021 to drive biomedical research includes 11 research support programs for an estimated grant amount of more than € 1M, aimed at promoting research, innovation and intrapreneurship in the biosanitary field of Cantabria.

The 10 programs as a whole prioritize talent, internationalization and innovation: contracts and promotion.

Line of contracts that includes the following programs:

-Tec-Val: internship contracts for support technicians for research platforms to be developed at the IDIVAL Central Support Unit.

– Ges-Val: contracts for research management practices to be developed at the IDIVAL Central Support Unit.

Promotion line that includes the following programs:

Four project programs:

-Next-Val: aimed at emerging researchers.

– Inn-Val: for the development of research projects.

– Prim-Val: for primary care projects.

– Trans-Val: for transition of National Plan projects.

Two talent attraction programs:

– Mentoring: junior program for new residents.

– Inplant: senior program for new heads of department or section who come to the Marqués de Valdecilla University Hospital from other centers.

A facilitation program for clinical researchers

– Intensification of modality A.

– Mode B intensification or self-intensification.

A support program for research groups (Support)

It should be noted that other promotion programs will have their own calls, such as the López Albo-Valdecilla Post-Residence program that will be called by the Cantabria Public Health System directly and the pre-doctoral contract program that will be jointly called by IDIVAL and the University of cantabria.

The deadlines for submitting applications for the different programs will be as follows:




 Deadlines for submission


15 January- 15 February


15 January- 15 February


15 January- 15 February


15 February- 15 March


15 March – 15 April


1 -15 February

Intensificación de Investigadores “A”

15 March- 15 April

Intensificación “B” (autointensificación)

At least two months before the start


During the second year of specialized health training


Permanently open


15 april – 15 may

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