Second Meeting Progress Reports by Dr Ana V Villar

10 de November de 2016

The following 16th of November will take place the second session of the programme Valdecilla Progress Reports given by Ana V. Villar, associated teacher of the Physiology and pharmacology Department at the School of Medicine of the University of Cantabria.

Summary of the meeting:

Inhibition of protein–protein interactions as a route to novel therapeutics is an underdeveloped vision. It could offer a novel strategy to reduce the transmission of myocardial fibrogenic signals. The presence of Hsp90 in the main fibrogenic signaling pathway of the heart represents a highly promising class of potential target for therapeutic development in myocardial fibrosis. New designed biosynthetic inhibitors of Hsp90 with fluorescence characteristics bind to Hsp90 with high affinity and present promising anti-fibrotic behavior.

This programme of seminars is given by young researchers on the field of IDIVAL’s clinic and laboratories. The speakers will explain the scientific advances of their current research projects. With the idea of debating and networking, the main goal of the meeting, all the predoctoral contracts, Post-MIR Valdecilla López Albo researchers, Río Hortega and Inn-Val grants are invited to attend to these sessions as part of their training. 

The meeting will take place at 2.30 pm in lecture room 4-5, pavilion 16 of the HUMV (the lecture room has a capacity of 30 people). The session will be given in English and last 30 minutes followed by a short discussion about the subject. 

Researchers who attend  80% of the meetings throughout the academic year will receive a certificate of assistance.