Approved the public call to select scientific director of IDIVAL

6 de February de 2020

The Board of Trustees of the Marqués de Valdecilla Research Institute (IDIVAL) has approved the public call for the selection of the position of scientific director, vacant in its staff. The bases of this call will be published soon in the Official Gazette of Cantabria (BOC).

Among the requirements that candidates must meet are those of having the status of permanent staff in active duty as a statutory or holder of a place linked between the university and health institutions and providing services at the Marqués de Valdecilla University Hospital (HUMV). In addition, the University degree of Doctor will be required for the position and have, at least, in the last five years, a research project as a principal investigator funded through a national or international competitive call.

The scientific director of IDIVAL directs, plans and leads the scientific policy of the Institute, of which he is a spokesperson and maximum representative. In addition, it is responsible for safeguarding the quality of research that is carried out according to ethical principles.

Its functions also include those of translational research and cooperation between groups, as well as transferring the results of research to the industrial and commercial field, among many others.

Chaired by the Minister of Health, Miguel Rodríguez, the highest governing body of the IDIVAL in plenary session has also addressed other administrative procedural issues.

Thus, in addition to the Minister of Health, who holds the presidency, the rector of the University of Cantabria (UC), Ángel Pazos, who occupies the position of vice president, is part of the board of trustees, in addition to serving as vice-rector for Research and Transfer of the Knowledge of the UC, Javier León Serrano; the general secretary of the Ministry of Health, Sara Negueruela; the general director of Ordination, Pharmacy and Inspection, Jorge de la Puente; the general director of Digital Transformation and User Relations, Santiago García, the manager of the Cantabrian Health Service, Celia Gómez; the managing director of the HUMV, Rafael Tejido; the CSIC professor and director of the Institute of Biomedicine and Biotechnology of Cantabria (IBBTEC), Piero Crespo; the head of the Digestive Service of the HUMV, Javier Crespo; the head of the HUMV Radiation Oncology Service, Pedro Prada; the head of the Internal Medicine Section of the HUMV, Jose Antonio Riancho; the head of the Internal Medicine Section (Infectious Diseases) of the HUMV, Carmen Fariñas, and the professor of the Department of Medicine and Surgery of the UC, Manuel Gómez Fleitas.