IDIVAL participates in an international project on public health

10 de August de 2023

It will allow Cantabria to implement pilot initiatives to promote healthier environments and reduce social inequalities   The EU recently approved a proposal for a Joint Action for the prevention of Cancer and other Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) with an amount of 75 million euros, which makes it a landmark initiative in public health. A […]

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The IDIVAL Surgical Innovation and Research Group, leader in robotic colorectal surgery research at European level

1 de August de 2023

The results of the largest European prospective multicenter study on the surgical treatment of right colon cancer have been published.   The MIRCAST study, an International multicenter project led for the whole of Europe from the IDIVAL Institute, was born in 2018 with the aim of evaluating the different ways of performing intestinal anastomosis after […]

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A study shows that patients with bimalleolar ankle fractures do not show full recovery at 12 months

20 de July de 2023

Ankle fractures are the third most frequent cause of total fractures and generate functional alterations in the short and long term.   Ankle fractures are the third most frequent cause of fractures in all ages. Surgical treatment and the period of immobilization generate important functional alterations in the short and long term such as pain, […]

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The deadline for submitting expressions of interest to serve as ISCIII staff evaluators of R&D&I calls for proposals in health is now open

The Instituto de Salud Carlos III (ISCIII) has opened the call for expressions of interest for the identification of people willing to collaborate with the ISCIII in the scientific evaluation of different biomedical and health research calls, such as those related to the Acción Estratégica en Salud (AES) or other external calls that the Institute […]

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New Flow Cytometer – Cell Separator at IDIVAL with more applications that enhances the scientific capabilities of the Institute

12 de July de 2023

This new equipment expands the possibilities of identification and isolation of cellular and subcellular populations in a more precise way for use in biomedical research projects.   IDIVAL already has a new CELL SEPARATOR (SORTER) in operation with greater functionalities, available both for IDIVAL researchers and external users. Its capacity to measure multiple cell parameters […]

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IDIVAL researchers continue to analyze the influence of meteorological and geographical factors on the severity of COVID-19

8 de June de 2023

These studies allow to have a better understanding of the seasonality of COVID-19 and to establish future vaccination strategies. Researchers from IDIVAL, Valdecilla Hospital and the University of Cantabria continue to analyze the influence of meteorological and geographical factors on the severity of COVID-19 in order to have a better understanding of the disease, its […]

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Researchers from the Valdecilla environment participate in an international genetic study that identifies genetic variations associated with severe COVID-19

1 de June de 2023

The study, published in the prestigious scientific journal, opens the door to the development of new treatments Researchers from the Marqués de Valdecilla University Hospital (HUMV) and the Marqués de Valdecilla Research Institute (IDIVAL) are participating in an international genetic study published in the journal Nature that reveals new therapeutic targets that could facilitate the […]

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The study, with the participation of IDIVAL, could help in the future diagnosis and treatment of the disease

31 de May de 2023

Spinocerebellar ataxia type 15 (SCA15), characterized by alterations in the strength, speed and dexterity of movements, is the disease on which the genetic study that could help in its diagnosis and treatment in the future has focused. Neurologists and geneticists from different centers have participated in the research, including the researcher José Berciano from the […]

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IDIVAL leads a multicenter study on axial spondyloarthritis disease

8 de May de 2023

The results of the latest study will allow progress to be made in the design of specific strategies for the management of cardiovascular risk according to sex. The ‘Immunopathology’ group of the Marqués de Valdecilla Health Research Institute (IDIVAL) coordinates a multicenter study with a dozen Spanish hospitals to investigate cardiovascular risk in patients with […]

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Dr. Francisco Sánchez Madrid, member of IDIVAL’s external board, receives the Robert Koch research award

5 de May de 2023

Francisco Sánchez Madrid, member of IDIVAL’s External Council and Head of the Immunology Service of the Hospital Universitario de La Princesa has received the Robert Koch Award 2023. The immunologist and professor at Harvard University in Boston, Timothy Springer, has also been awarded this prize for their important joint research in Immunology. Both were pioneers […]

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