CIRCE-JA transfer of best praCtices In pRimary CarE

7 de February de 2023

Primary care is a key priority in terms of elements needed to strengthen the resilience of health systems, as well as to improve their accessibility. The new EU4Health funded Joint Action CIRCE-JA aims to improve and foster health in the European Union and strengthen health systems through reinforcing primary health care.

CIRCE-JA is a 36-month Join Action that will effectively transfer and implement 6 selected best practices (BPs) in primary health care among European Member States. CIRCE-JA consortium is led by the Andalusian Health Service (Spain) and comprises 49 organisations of 14 EU Member States, that represent European healthcare systems and services directly connected to the overall aim of this Joint Action, being Best Paractices owners or implementers.

CIRCE-JA 6 Best Practices belong to 4 Member States (Belgium, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain) and will be trasfer in to 45 implementation sites from 12 Member States with relevant structural, organisational and institutional differences in their health care systems. The role of IDIVAL and the Cantabrian Health Service in this project will consist of replicating the good practice proposed by Slovenia in our primary care system. The Cantabrian team is led by Iñaki Lapuente, primary care manager of the Cantabrian Health Service

The tranfer process will be supported by scientific evidence-based methodology, raising MS capacity in implementing innovative care models and addressing health system transformation at this level of care. Moreover, knowledge transfer and twinning actions will support the transferring and implementation process, including a wide range of activities, such as workshops, staff visits and secondments, policy dialogues, expert advice, mutual and peer learning programmes. The transferring and implementation process will be monitored and assessed. Knowledge will be generated and shared addressing the main elements and recommendations for its success beyond the duration of the Joint action.

The selected best practices are:

  • Integrated Health Association –Region of Wallonia, Belgium
  • TELEA: Home telemonitoring in Primary Care for chronic disease and Covid-19 – Galicia, Spain
  • Integrated care for complex chronic patients in Andalusia (Spain): Personalised care action plans (PAPs) – Andalusia, Spain
  • Essencial Project: Adding value to clinical primary care practice – Catalonia, Spain
  • ‘Health Action for Children and Youth at Risk’ & ‘Health Action for Gender, Violence and Lifecycle’ – Portugal
  • Health Promotion Centres (HPCs) – Slovenia

The Joint Action commenced on February 1, 2023 and the official kick-off meeting is scheduled to take place on March 6th and 7th in Seville.

For more information:

Visit CIRCE-JA website:,circe-ja

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Ana M Carriazo