Concession of a hemato-oncology project of GILEAD Sciences to the IDIVAL research group of Translational Hematopathology

28 de October de 2019

Recently, after the evaluation by international experts carried out by the Carlos III Health Institute, the 7th Call for Research Projects on HIV, Liver Diseases and Hemato-oncology of GILEAD Sciences has been resolved in which the “Liquid biopsy for the molecular diagnosis of DLBCL patients treated in clinical trials (GLD19 / 00041)” research project lead by Dr. Santiago Montes Moreno, Principal Investigator, head of the emerging IDIVAL group of Translational Hematopathology has been awarded .

The project is a multicenter effort whose objective is to consolidate a histopathological and molecular diagnostic platform for patients with large cell B lymphoma included in different clinical trials of the GELTAMO group. The project includes as specific objectives 1) the genetic characterization of patient samples using state-of-the-art sequencing from liquid biopsy, 2) the evaluation of the impact of the genetic complexity of the tumor on antitumor immunovigilance.

The granting of this aid will allow the hiring of technical personnel with training in molecular biology techniques, necessary for the achievement of the project of the Translational Hematopathology group that has as one of its main lines of research the identification of genetic markers in aggressive Lymphoma B that may be useful for the prognosis and selection of targeted therapy.