Dr Santiago Montes Moreno co-author of a chapter of the WHO blue book on classification of Hematolymphoid Tumors of the Digestive System

8 de July de 2019
The first volume of the 5th edition of the series of the World Health Organization (WHO) on the classification of tumors in humans will be recently published. This series, known as the blue WHO books, is a reference for the diagnosis of neoplasms in different systems and It is an international standard for those involved in the management of oncologic patients, synthesizing the available evidence on etiology, histopathology and molecular pathology of each tumor type. In this volume, Dr. Santiago Montes Moreno, responsible for the area of hematopathology of the Pathological Anatomy Service of HUMV and responsible for the IDIVAL Translational Hematopathology Group, is the author of the update on Plasmablastic Lymphoma, within the Hematolymphoid Tumors of the System Digestive