12 de January de 2022

On the 4th of january 2022, the autonomous plan for the revitalisation of bio-health 2022 was published, which includes 11 research support programmes with an estimated grant amount of more than 1.4 M€, aimed at the promotion of research, innovation and intra-entrepreneurship in the bio-health field in cantabria.

The 11 programmes as a whole prioritise talent, internationalisation and innovation: contracts and promotion.

A support programme for research groups (support).

This line of contracts includes the following 2 programmes:

  • Tec-val: internship contracts for technicians to support research platforms to be developed in the idival central support unit.
  • Ges-val: internships in research management to be carried out at the idival central support unit.

This line of promotion includes the following 5 programmes:

  • Next-val: aimed at emerging researchers.
  • Inn-val: for the development of research projects.
  • Prim-val: for primary care projects.
  • Trans-val: for transition of national plan projects.
  • Dtec-val: to finance technological development projects.

The talent attraction and support line includes 3 programmes

  • Mentoring: junior programme for new residents.
  • Innplant: senior programme for new heads of service or section who come to the marqués de valdecilla university hospital from other centres.
  • Intensification programme for clinical researchers

It should be noted that the idival pre-doctoral contract programme will be announced separately in 2022.

The application deadlines for the different programmes will be as follows: