International Precision Medicine Forum organised by IDIVAL

12 de January de 2022

The International Precision Medicine Forum organised by IDIVAL will begin on 14 February and will review the main aspects related to clinical research and precision medicine from the point of view of different specialities and fields of knowledge.

The first phase of the programme currently has almost a hundred presentations planned, given by leading national and international speakers in their field, who will review the main challenges and aspects of clinical research.

The Forum is aimed at clinicians, researchers, managers and support staff in the different thematic areas it reviews. In the first cycle, internationally renowned speakers will review the main challenges of precision medicine in relation to rheumatology, genomics, health economics, transplantation, robotic surgery, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, clinical psychology, biobanks and biological samples. 

Each module has content spread over 10 to 20 hours, distributed over one or two weeks, in a virtual presence format via the zoom platform. The programmes will include expert sessions, and round table discussions focusing on questions and answers. Some aspects that will be reviewed in the different modules are related to advances in pathophysiology and technology, new targets, epidemiology, diagnostic systems, biomarkers, imaging, molecular imaging, other scans, study design, clinical trials, cohorts, questionnaires, scales, new drugs depending on the type of pathology, molecules in development, pipeline.

Forum programme:

Módule I. Focused Rheumatology. 14 al 24 de February. Registration open (link)

Módule II. Genomics oriented medicine. 28 Febrero al 11 March. Registratio (link)

Módule III. Transplantation: individualizing basis. 14 al 18 March. Registration (link)

Módule IV. Health Economics to move forward precision medicine. 21 al 31 de March. Registration (link)

Módule V. Robotic Surgery: not for all.  5 al 7 de April. Registration (link)

Módule VI. Precision Psychology. 18 april al 4 de May. Registration (link)

Módule VII. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) updated. 9 al 18 de May. Registration (link)

Módule  VIII. From biomedical samples to precision medicine. 23 al 31 de May. Registration (link)

Módule IX. Translational and clinical research towards precision medicine in mental health. 6 al 17 de June. Registration (link)



With this multidisciplinary forum, IDIVAL aims to bring together the latest news and developments of interest in the various specialities and disciplines in collaboration with international reference centres. Participation will be free of charge, subject to prior registration.

We hope that this programme will offer a qualitative leap in the training of precision medicine and clinical research, thereby offering advanced knowledge of the research process and the ways in which it can be applied.

Information on each module and access to registration can be found HERE