2 de May de 2017

IDIVAL y la Universidad de Cantabria participate in the COST ACTION CA15211 “Atmospheric Electricity Network: coupling with the Earth System, climate and biological systems” as Spanish representatives within the Management Committee (MC) of the Action.

Professor Pablo Fernández de Arroyabe, from the Department of Geography, urbanism and territory ordination of the University of Cantabria, participated in the meeting of constitution of the COST ACTION, held in Brussels, as a Spanish representative within the Management Committee (MC) of the Action. This first meeting was coordinated by Mafalda Quintas as the Science Officer of the European COST program.

The first meeting of the Management Committee members was led by Prof. Konstantinos Kourtidis from the Athena – Research and Innovation Center in Information, Communication and Knowledge Technologies. He serves as Chair of this new European network for cooperation in science and technology which will last 4 years. This first meeting was attended by representatives of 16 European countries and the directors of the different Working Groups were elected by vote. Professor Fernández de Arroyabe from the UC was named Leader of the Working Group IV, whose research work focuses on the effects of the electric and magnetic fields variations on humans and other biological systems. More information about this Action can be found at: 

Later, on the first scientific meeting of the ACCION held last March in Alexandropolis, Greece, the Professor of Psychiatry of the University of Cantabria Dr. Benedicto Crespo Facorro has joined the Management Committee for the interest that the study of the magnetic and electric fields in the atmosphere can have in relation to mental health. In this way, the two professors of the University of Cantabria, together with the rest of the members of their work group, will study the interaction between Atmosphere and Biology, from specific approaches of disciplines such as Bioelectricity, Biomagnetism, Biometeorology or Psychiatry to evaluate the possible relationship between the electric and magnetic fields and atmospheric processes.