IDIVAL calls for a research manager internship contract

1 de May de 2021

IDIVAL announces a temporary labor contract in practices for the development of activities in the field of research and innovation manager in health sciences and technologies (GES-VAL).

The purpose of this program is to promote the professional practice and training of technicians in aspects related to research management: you will learn aspects related to monitoring and evaluation of actions to promote IDIVAL research, as well as internationalization and innovation activities in the field of health sciences and technologies. This program may be co-financed with ERDF funds.

The salary of the selected candidates will be the first year 75% and the second year 80% of the salary corresponding to the category of second cycle university graduate, which is € 24,317.35 gross. The internship contract that will have an initial duration of 12 months, counted from the date of incorporation, extendable for another 12 months, after evaluation of the activity of the contractor. The trial period will be two months.

The selected candidate will develop a tutored training itinerary, with periodic evaluations and presentation of a report at the end of the first annual year (in the last month of each year), with a report from their tutor, which must be positive for continued funding.


a) Second cycle university graduates (official master or graduate).

The contract may be concluded with those who are in possession of the required university degree, provided that, on the date of publication of this call, no more than five years have elapsed, or seven, when the contract is concluded with a worker with a disability, from the completion of the studies to the beginning of the contract.

Along with the application, applicants must submit the following documentation:

a) Curriculum vitae in CVN format (FECYT full version), available at: and IDIVAL intranet.

b) Report on the proposal of the activities to be carried out by the candidate. It must collect the activities to be carried out by the candidate and include general references to the different IDIVAL support areas, with a more detailed description of those that adapt to the candidate's profile and interests: project area, training area and methodological support, clinical trials area, technological services area, innovation area and general services area. In summary, it consists of relating to their profile, the areas and topics they are interested in training, based on the information they may collect on the activity of the different areas of IDIVAL. 

c) Copy of DNI. Copy of the valid passport, only in the case of foreign citizens not resident in Spanish territory.

d) Official academic certification of the studies carried out, with details of the subjects taken and the grades obtained, and, where appropriate, a copy of the academic title.

e) Documentary accreditation of the curricular merits provided (working life certificate, candidate's credentials, course certificates stating their duration, etc.), without which requirement they will not be taken into consideration.


Applications will be submitted exclusively in formats specially designed for it. All applications will be submitted through the IDIVAL telematics platform, whose access is public through its website:

The deadline for submitting applications will be until May 12, 2021.

Publication in the BOC of April 9, 2021

More information in the IDIVAL Help Portal: IDIVAL Help Portal (link)