IDIVAL collaborates in the usability of the SCS app

12 de January de 2023

IDIVAL has collaborated on the new Cantabrian Health Service application MiSalud@SCS, launched on 5 December, which to date has had more than 22,000 users in its first month of operation.

The collaboration of the Valdecilla Research Institute (IDIVAL) together with the Cantabrian School of Health was key in the app usability tests carried out, based on proven methodologies and scientific evidence, carried out with real patients to validate the design and functionality of the application.

IDIVAL has a team of experts in ergonomics and human factors in the Institute’s innovation team with experience in different usability and evaluation projects for healthcare technologies. The team carries out ergonomics and human factor studies of healthcare technologies and processes and supports their implementation with the aim of making their use safer. In addition, IDIVAL has an alliance with experts from the MedStar Institute for Innovation in Washington, a world leader in Human Factor and Ergonomics.


The new MiSalud@SCS App provides the user with very useful and relevant functionalities such as primary care appointments, hospital appointments, surgical waiting list, access to electronic prescriptions, clinical discharge reports, outpatient and emergency consultations, COVID laboratory results, location of pharmacies and healthcare centres, and a frequently asked questions (FAQ) area. This new app incorporates a highly visual and accessible interface with easier authentication including biometric authentication (Face ID, fingerprint).