IDIVAL organizes a strategic mission to Brussels

24 de September de 2019

A group of IDIVAL researchers, technicians and managers has traveled to Brussels with the aim of increasing the visibility of IDIVAL research groups at European level. The visit is part of the actions of internationalization of research in the health sector of our Autonomous Community, and has served to identify key actors in European research and innovation financing programs.

Members of the Ministry of Health of the Government of Cantabria, IDIVAL members (Innovation Support Unit, Management, European Projects Area, Evaltec) and leading researchers participated in this strategic mission. In the same way, members of the ITEMAS platform, under the Carlos III Health Institute, which is currently led by IDIVAL at the national level and which includes 30 Health Research Centers and Institutes of reference in our country, have joined the mission.

The team of the Cantabria Office in Brussels, under the Ministry of Presidency, Interior, Justice and External Action, has participated in the preparation and development of the visit that has been led by the Director General of Digital Transformation and User Relations from the Ministry of Health of Cantabria, Santiago García Blanco, and by the Director of IDIVAL, Galo Peralta.

The agenda has included a visit to the European Parliament and the Office of the Government of Cantabria in Brussels and meetings with the Spanish representatives of the Office of Science and Technology, SOST, which supports the Spanish research community in their participation in the European programs of R&D. The meetings have allowed contact with representatives of the General Directorate of Health and Food Safety of the General Directorate of Research and Innovation, and of the General Directorate of Regional and Urban Policy.

The contacts are developed at a time of special interest in which the actions of the Horizon Europe program are being designed through which Europe will promote research and innovation from the year 2020 and will have funding that will exceed 100,000 Million euros for the development of actions in these areas within three axes: Excellent Science, Innovation and Challenges and Competitiveness at a global level, in which the health sector of our Autonomous Community has identified capacities to participate.

This strategic mission has been co-financed by the European Union and the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness within the project entitled “Valdecilla European Research Promotion Initiative (VALER H2020)”, with file number ECT-2017-0371.