Resolution of the call for Idival projects addressed to primary care

18 de October de 2018


IDIVAL has published a call for the support of research projects in primary care within the biomedical program Valdecilla for the second consecutive year. The budget of the call is 30,000 euros and supports projects especially focused on the care of patients, chronic diseases and highly prevalent diseases, led by health professionals who develop their activity in the field of primary care in Cantabria.

The projects submitted to the Prim-Val call have been evaluated by investigating experts of our country for their prioritization and based on this evaluation, concession resolutions have been issued, recently published on the IDIVAL website. The results of the external evaluation have finally allowed to grant with the available budget 3 projects of the Prim-Val call, with a diverse thematic scope.

The projects awarded have focused on three prevalent areas of health or general interest such as childhood asthma, chronic diseases, and mental illnesses and have had important nursing participation.

The first of the projects focused on childhood asthma is led by the Primary Care Pediatrician Alberto Bercedo of the Dobra Health Center, which has a team from the Rubayo Health Center and the Isabel II Health Center and focuses on the study of frequency, severity and associated risk factors of bronchial asthma in children, as part of an international study, the Gobal Asthma Network. This study will help to know the current magnitude of this disease as well as the changes that have arisen in recent years, allowing at a strategic level the implementation of measures aimed at reducing the health impact of bronchial asthma in asthmatic children and adolescents.

The second of the projects financed has the Primary Care specialist Emilio Pariente and the Clinical Psychologist Cesar Glez Blanch respectively of the Camargo Costa Health Center and the Puertochico Health Center as principal investigators and also with the collaboration of psychologists from the Complutense University of Madrid, University of Córdoba, and University of Valencia. The study is focused on the analysis of the effectiveness of group treatment in patients with mental illnesses through a clinical trial, an area in which the applicant group already has great experience.

The third of the studies is led by two nurses, Aroa Delgado (Chronicity Office of the Cantabrian Health Service) and Carmen Sarabia (University Nursing School Valdecilla) aims to study the impact of an ambitious program of responsible care in the approach of the chronic disease in primary care for the empowerment of patients and active carers that has been launched in the Cantabrian Health Service.

In short, the call for research projects in primary care 2018 Prim-Val will allow the development of projects of great potential impact in our health sector that seek to provide direct value to patients in prevalent diseases.