United for a Challenge’ collaborates one more year with IDIVAL’s Alzheimer’s research

These donations are destined to study Alzheimer’s markers to detect people at high risk of suffering from this disease in the future.

IDIVAL has received one more year the visit of Oscar Negrete and Fernando Cerro from the association ‘Unidos por un Reto’ to make a donation of 800€ that will be destined to Alzheimer’s research. This amount comes from the proceeds of the VII Night Trail and the IX Night Walk organized by this association, held in Cicero on April 7, 2023 and in which more than 700 people participated.

“An initiative with immense value”, as highlighted by Eloy Rodriguez, head of the Cognitive Impairment Unit of the Marqués de Valdecilla University Hospital (HUMV) and Galo Peralta, Director of Management of IDIVAL, who collected the donation. They both highlighted the importance of this type of projects that combine sport, research and solidarity, that raise awareness in society of health research and that contribute to promote the work of research personnel.

The donation will contribute to continue the study, led by Dr. Eloy Rodriguez, focused on detecting people at high risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease in the future. So far, the `Cohorte Valdecilla’ group has investigated the validity of two plasma markers called beta-amyloid 1-42 and p-tau181 and in the coming months another marker called NfL will be included.

Dr. Eloy Rodriguez explains that they intend “to study how these plasma markers relate to the current reference. If the correlation is good, they will try to determine cut-off points for the general population and thus be able to use them in the future to detect these people at risk by means of a blood test instead of a lumbar puncture”.

Association involved in the research

United for a Challenge’ is an association promoted by Óscar Negrete, a cycling enthusiast since childhood, who has not stopped pedaling and breaking records to raise money for a charitable cause: “to investigate the causes of Alzheimer’s disease”.

Since his father was diagnosed with this disease, Oscar has wanted to pay tribute to the man who was his mentor both in cycling and in his life. Therefore, through the initiative ‘United for a challenge’, he collaborates continuously with the IDIVAL Foundation supporting research in this area.