XIII Inter-regional Meeting on legal protection of the patient bioethical and legal challenges of COVID-19

10 de August de 2020

This edition of the Inter-Autonomous Meeting on the Legal Protection of the Patient organized for thirteen years by the Menéndez Pelayo International University must necessarily be different from previous editions. The situation of exceptionality derived from the Covid-19 requires modulating this year one of the consolidated seminars in the Spanish panorama in the matter of specialized training of professionals and managers, both health and legal. In this sense, together with the need to adopt security measures, the exceptionality invites the development of a monograph program dedicated to the bioethical and legal challenges of the crisis caused by coronavirus.

¿Has the structure of our Rule of Law responded to this unusual emergency situation? What is the limit of the impact on the rights of people as patients? And as citizens? And as consumers? To what degree and intensity can limitations be imposed on fundamental rights? Is it ethical to lose humanity to get immunity? What role have fake news played in this process? Should the National Health System be redesigned in a post-Covid scenario? How are globalization and legal control of markets compatible? What compensatory mechanisms exist to assume the damages derived from the pandemic? What scope should transition measures to the new normal have? What have been the legal solutions adopted in other countries? To answer these and other questions and, above all, to formulate proposals for the future, this monograph aims to bring together jurists, clinicians and bioethicists of the highest level, both national and international, in the spirit of fostering an essential academic debate.

The potential recipients of this meeting are academics from legal and health disciplines, managers of the health system, health and law professionals, as well as graduates and university students interested in specializing and updating their knowledge.

Course Directors:

  • Joaquín Cayón de las Cuevas

Head of the Legal Advice Service of the Ministry of Health

Government of Cantabria

Director of the Research Group in Health Law and Bioethics IDIVAL-University of Cantabria


  • Jorge Tomillo Urbina

Professor of Commercial Law

University of cantabria

Member of the General Codification Commission. Ministry of Justice