International visibility of IDIVAL researchers

portal point to a high visibility of IDIVAL authors with more than 62,000 citations of articles published in the period 2018-2022. In this way, the Valdecilla brand exceeds 280,000 citations since its creation.

Of note in the period 2018-22 are the citations of papers published in the areas of Immunology (1,383 citations), Pharmacology (1,307 citations) and Oncology (1,134 citations) and as the origin of the citations Spain, United States, Italy and England.

The IDIVAL researchers most cited in the publications of this period have been:



Blanco Alonso, Ricardo (S. Reumatología, HUMV) 3.535
Durán Martínez, Ignacio (S. Oncología, HUMV) 2.982
Rodríguez Rodríguez, Eloy Manuel (S. Neurología, HUMV) 1.941
Rivera Herrero, Fernando (S. Oncología, HUMV) 1.929
Crespo García, Javier (S. Digestivo, HUMV) 1.766
Hernández Hernández, José Luís (S. Medicina Interna, HUMV) 1.486
López Hoyos, Marcos (S. Inmunología, HUMV) 1.339
Corrales Martínez, Alfonso Fernando (S. Reumatología, HUMV) 1.088
de la Torre Hernández, José María (S. Cardiología, HUMV) 1.034
Ocio San Miguel, Enrique María (S. Hematología, HUMV) 973


The 5 articles published in this period 2018-2022 most cited have been collaborative studies conducted on patients, published in high impact journals:


  • Kunkle, B. W., Grenier-Boley, B., Sims, R., Bis, J. C., Damotte, V., Naj, A. C., … & Rotter, J. I. (2019). Genetic meta-analysis of diagnosed Alzheimer’s disease identifies new risk loci and implicates Aβ, tau, immunity and lipid processing. Nature genetics, 51(3), 414-430.


  • André, T., Shiu, K. K., Kim, T. W., Jensen, B. V., Jensen, L. H., Punt, C., … & Diaz Jr, L. A. (2020). Pembrolizumab in microsatellite-instability–high advanced colorectal cancer. New England Journal of Medicine, 383(23), 2207-2218.


  • Galván Casas, C., Catala, A. C. H. G., Carretero Hernández, G., Rodríguez‐Jiménez, P., Fernández‐Nieto, D., Rodríguez‐Villa Lario, A., … & García‐Doval, I. (2020). Classification of the cutaneous manifestations of COVID‐19: a rapid prospective nationwide consensus study in Spain with 375 cases. British Journal of Dermatology, 183(1), 71-77.


  • Loriot, Y., Necchi, A., Park, S. H., Garcia-Donas, J., Huddart, R., Burgess, E., … & Siefker-Radtke, A. O. (2019). Erdafitinib in locally advanced or metastatic urothelial carcinoma. New England Journal of Medicine, 381(4), 338-348.


  • Brainstorm Consortium, Anttila, V., Bulik-Sullivan, B., Finucane, H. K., Walters, R. K., Bras, J., … & Avbersek, A. (2018). Analysis of shared heritability in common disorders of the brain. Science, 360(6395), eaap8757.